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Digital Storytelling Toolkit

In the present section, you will find a list of links to a curated list of free and low-cost digital tools with practical uses in development contexts for graphic design, multimedia recording, workshop facilitation, digital storytelling, and more!
You are encouraged to explore these tools and creatively apply one (or multiple of them) to your final presentation and paper. You can find multiple tutorials on how to use these tools readily available on Youtube. Most of them will require a personal account and login to be used. However, some must be downloaded and installed in your computer, such as the video and audio editors. Notice that there can be some premium features, that should be purchased so you can "go pro" and get enhanced editing resources. But it won't be needed during our experimental program. Hands on, now: let's rock and roll!       
Selected web apps to be explored during the Proseminar​

Other tools for you to explore

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