Our “Age of Anxiety” is, in part, the result of trying to do today's job with yesterday's tools – with yesterday's concepts

- Marshall Mcluhan (1911-1980)

Case Studies

CGNet Swara


A voice-based portal to India's tribal communities.




A network of community correspondents.


Digital Green


Low-cost video to improve agriculture extension services.


Save the Troy Library 

A creative use of social media to boost a "burning books"campaign

See the video on YouTube

Human Rights Verification 

Use of digital media and ICT to verify videos on human rights offenses 

Documentary - BBC Africa

PRI: African atrocity

PBS: A new generation...

Global Voices


International and multilingual community for citzen media 



A map to track the deteriorating environment of the forest.



Use of collaborative maps in Kenya's 2010 referendum (see Uchaguzi).

Bro MC’s - Koangagua


Official video clip of Brazilian first indigenous rap band Brô MC's.

Schedule    Fall 2019

Friday, Oct. 25

[6:00 PM] Welcome and Refreshments.


[6:30 PM] Introduction to the Seminar Program; introduction of the participants and comments on their previous experiences with the use of digital media.


[7:00 PM] Short lecture: Impact and application of ICT and digital media in community empowerment and development.










Conceptual approaches: ICT4D, ICTD, communication for social change, participatory communication, radical media, civic media, community media, citizen journalism etc.


Short video and discussion: How and to what extent can new communication practices and digital media resources further the development of a community? 


[9:00 PM] Closing.

Saturday, Oct. 26

[9:30 AM] Coffee.


[10:00 AM] Case studies: Text and audio messages; video recording and distribution; crowdmaps. Discussion: How can NGOs and other grassroots organizations use digital media to address local communities? How can local communities use these tools to address their own communication needs? How can digital media be used to improve communities’ relations with broader society, local governments and international agencies?


[12:30 PM] Lunch.


[1:30 PM] Practical training 1: Devices, platforms, accessories and applications -- building a simple and affordable digital media toolkit applied to community development. Exploring file organization, image capture, retrieval and editing, text writing, and blogging.  


Practical training 2: Exploring audio and video recordings, editing, and distribution through on demand repositories and live webcasting.


[5:30 PM] Closing.

Sunday, Oct. 27

[10:00 AM] Coffee.


[10:30 AM] Practical training 3: Exploring interactive maps and multimedia storytelling platforms. Complementary techniques: Technology roadmaps, business modeling and cost planning frameworks for sustainable and evolving deployments of digital media resources.


















[12:00 PM] Prototype demonstrations. Students present their work.  

[1:00 PM] Evaluation of practice. Clarification and guidance for the preparation of the final paper. Questions and answers. Final discussions.  


[1:30 PM] Closing.

Graduate Program on Media and Technology
School of Arts, Architecture and Communication
Sao Paulo State University, Bauru - São Paulo, Brazil

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